Uncharted 2 ‘Among Thieves’

I finished another game, Uncharted 2. Another good game, game play on this one was similar as the first. The camera angles on some of the scenes in this game was awesome. Example, scenes where Drake is running and the bridge is falling, seems like a cut scenes but you still got to run and … Continue reading Uncharted 2 ‘Among Thieves’

Destiny 1

Getting back into gaming a bit more often than usual.  Finally was able to finish the story mode of Destiny 1. Fun game. I admit I got a bit confusing following the story path.  I believe it was due to taking time off then getting back to it after a while.  Threw me off.  When … Continue reading Destiny 1

New Start?

2019 is right around the corner!  Great opportunity for a new start?  That is what I been debating about.  I have many plans for 2019 and I am already getting prepared for them.  However, I been debating if I should actually wait until the first to start or just start now.  Any new day is … Continue reading New Start?