Umbrella Academy S1

‘Umbrella Academy’  It was really good! It is one of the few shows that I actually binged watched in like 2 or 3 days.  Took that long just because of other things that had to be done. This series is awesome, loved the cast and story.  I went in knowing this is a graphic novel … Continue reading Umbrella Academy S1

Daddy’s Home 2

‘Daddy’s Home 2’  I enjoyed the first one so I was looking forward to watching the sequel.  Of course there is nothing like the originals. This one introduces the main actors fathers.  It was good, entertaining to watch. I enjoyed it. Has its funny moments. It’s the original cast with new ones as well.  The … Continue reading Daddy’s Home 2


      ‘Citrus’  I think it was one of those I think it is either a manga I have heard of but didn’t know much about. The artwork of this one always got my attention.  I decided to watch it. Turned out it is a good one. It is about step sisters who end up having feelings … Continue reading Citrus

Dream High

 Dream High this was chosen by my niece.  I didn’t know much besides that it is JYP and IU comes out.  You had me at IU this was the first IU drama I watched. Loved her even more.  First thing I saw with her was ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast S1’. Enough about IU lol, this … Continue reading Dream High