World Cup 2018 Matches 2 Scores + Updated Standings

Hope you are all enjoying the world cup, I sure am.  As mentioned in prior post that I will post updated scores and standings.  Here we go. As of today June 20th. Pacific time. Scores: Russia 3-0 Egypt Portugal 1-0 Morocco Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia Iran 0-1 Spain Standings: The ones in Blue are the … Continue reading World Cup 2018 Matches 2 Scores + Updated Standings


World Cup – First Matches Results

  We are done with first matches for the World Cup.  2nd matches have already started.  Here is the results from the first matches and points. Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia Egypt 0-1 Uruguay Morocco 0-1 Iran Portugal 3-3 Spain France 2-1 Australia Argentina 1-1 Iceland Peru 0-1 Denmark Croatia 2-0 Nigeria Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia … Continue reading World Cup – First Matches Results

New Beginning

Hi everyone, I been M.I.A like always!  Finally changed the look of my blog.  Hope it is better than before and you all like.  I will be improving it as time goes by.  I hope you all join me in this new journey.  To give you some idea of how things are set, the Home … Continue reading New Beginning

Witcher 1 (The Wedding)

Witcher 1 (The Wedding) DLC just finished.  This is about the Witcher waking up to his wedding day.  I really did not like this one.  It was just pure reading. I won't say more and spoil everything for those who haven't played it.  So far this is my least favorite.  One more to go.