Witcher 1 (Side Effects)

Another story done from Witcher 1 ‘Side Effect”  your friend is in jail and you have to get the cash to bail him out.  This story sends you out to do jobs and also just go kill and collect plants. Took a while to get all the cash. Repetition is not great for me, took me longer to finish that for that reason. Had to stop every now and then.   Not the best one so far.

What did you think about this one for those of you who have played it?


The Witcher (The Price of Neutrality)

Just finished the expansion “The Price of Neutrality’ from Witcher 1.  Another short story.  Interesting as well. A story about a princess and her conflict with her brother.  This expansions are feeling the void of finishing the game.  Even though I have Witcher 2 already ready for me to play but I want to finish the expansions first.  Those of you who have played this, what do you all think about it? Leave a comment below telling me which you like best.

Netflix Original Challenge #1

I decided to start a Netflix Orginal Challenge.

I start off with ‘Extremis’ a 20min give or take documentary about making decisions on pulling the plug when one is in the hospital. A hard choice one can make if we are able to decide.  If not it’s a hard choice that is put on a family member or someone close. 

I admit some of this stories got a tear coming out.  I liked it however I believe it could have been better if it was a bit longer and a little more to it through the doctors and the side of it all.

October 2017 Movie List

This year I will be watching at least 1 scary movie each day for the whole month of October.  Today I am starting to write a list down of movies so I am a bit more organized on what I will be watching,  My question to you all is what are your favorite scary movies?  Please comment your recommendations.

Jessica Jones #10

Ok, so now it’s starting to get more interesting with Maria Hill. I really hope they step up with this story. I can’t say it enough. The covers are awesome!

Here is the cover I got:

Read: Jessica Jones #9

I just finished reading Jessica Jones #9 I feel for that woman. She keeps helping and she keeps getting screwed. I hope the story picks up. I want more to Jessica Jones. Keep in mind I am new to reading all this comics.  Here is a photo of the cover I got!

I love the covers on this series. 
If you read this series let me know what you think!

Anime Expo 2017 #1

Anime Expo this year was fun. Last year I only went for 1 day this year I went for 4 days. Checked out the panels for Viz Media, Sentai, Aniplex, Crunchyroll, FullMetal Alchemist Live Action, Warner Brothers Japan.  

Fullmetal Alchemist panel was fun! Got to see the director and the actor playing Edward. They showed us clips for the movie.  I am excited, it looks like it will be an awesome movie. Looking forward to checking it out.

We were able to get some free stuff on some panels and also at the exhibit hall.  Went crazy at the Artist Den.  We support the arts a lot.  When I say we, it’s my sis and I.  It was my birthday yesterday so my gift from my sister was taking me to Anime Expo. While there she ended getting me next years gift. Tickets to next year Expo! I am excited about it!

I’ll add photos on my next post!