New Start?

2019 is right around the corner!  Great opportunity for a new start?  That is what I been debating about.  I have many plans for 2019 and I am already getting prepared for them.  However, I been debating if I should actually wait until the first to start or just start now.  Any new day is … Continue reading New Start?

31 Days of Halloween – Day # -2 through 3

I had started a 31 Days of Halloween challenge, which I will be watching at least 1 Halloween based movie a day.  I started this on Saturday,  2 days before October started.  I have been sharing it on IG (@episteme_magazine) and on Amino Movies&TV (Crimson, not sure how you can find someone through there). I … Continue reading 31 Days of Halloween – Day # -2 through 3

Anime Update

Summer very hot time to be outdoors all the time.  it is also Summer lineup for anime on Crunchyroll.  I been behind so much on anime and everything else that catching up seems like it will take forever.  I will never catch up haha... I finally caught up with some anime and started a new … Continue reading Anime Update


I finally gave Frasier a chance a few months ago.  In the past this show did not really interest me.  Few months ago I wanted to find a new sitcom to watch, while flipping through Netflix I decided to give it a try.  Turned out I love this show.  It is very funny.  I guess it was … Continue reading Frasier

Attack On Titan S3 Premiere!

     Woohoo! Was able to get wristband for AoT S3 premiere at Anime Expo! I believe the voice of Erin from both Japanese and English will be in this panel as well! Looking forward. Got about 30-40min wait before they start letting us in.