In this world you can be surrounded by many individuals, however how many of them truly care for you? I have tried talking to people about certain things. My main concern at moment is my health. I come to realize that no one truly cares. So it’s time to say fuck you and just find my true self, help myself.
I have not been sleeping much lately too stressed and a lot on my mind. My task starting tonight is work on my 6-8 sleep routine. Hope it works. We have to all start somewhere. Sleep is a must to be awake for the rest. Taking over the world!


Nothing Personal Just Business

“It’s nothing personal, just business” I have always loved that quote. Sad to say I never have followed it until now. Having own business I have come across many people, many experience. I try to always be nice and give people what they want. In the end I am just screwing myself. I will no longer be doing things the same way. I am sorry to whoever gets “Butt Hurt” but “it’s nothing personal, just business.”  Next time I deny a request or give an answer you do not want to hear regarding business sorry it’s not personal.