Camping Trip

After a few days of headache and fever, which I believe was due to dehydration I started getting better I decided to go to the family camping trip in Kern River, CA. It was fun as always but hott was 104f on Friday a a degree or 2 less on Saturday but it a bit cloudy Saturday which helped not feel the heat as much. Nights couldn’t sleep because this other people had music all loud all night. Then Saturday night some people showed up at midnight talking all loud waving flashlights towards our campsite. Damn people don’t follow the rules of camping.  Other than the sleepless nights and heat it was fun and relaxing. Here are some photos.

All taken with the iPhone 6



I have always been a home bound person. Maybe because I was born with Spina Bifida and my parents were over protective. As an adult now I am still home bound. I prefer sitting on the couch watching so Netflix have a movie night at home. (With movie theater prices now days,  it’s even cheaper).  Past year I’ve made the effort to go out more or go over a friends and just hang. Have that human interaction that most of us lost due to technology. Well due to this I have got into a few things. I’ve always been a movie lover and TV.  I have played video games here and there throughout my life, however since the last year or 2 of the PS3 ( before PS4) I started playing more because of my friends boyfriend at that time (now her husband). Now I’m more into gaming buying games, trying to stay on top of the gaming world. Along comes another friend, got into anime. Watched a few here n there now I’m really into it. Never really liked reading but always saw my sister reading. Now I’m into that. Bottom line I am fortunate to know this people and have more of a connection due to this common interests. The unfortunate part is it gets addicting and expensive! Lol so from now on work extra hard to enjoy everything that I can in this life!