Book – 0/6

0/6 or Zero/Six

I found this series at a used bookstore I go to. I was excited to find 5 volumes which turned out to be the complete series. This series is about a high school guy I believe it was very skinny guy that gets beat up a lot. He gets a package one day turning out to be a women, it was from his father. It is an A.I. and was sent to him to protect him and do everything he wanted. The story of course has its perv moments. There is no nudity and it there is a few pages then it is censored as you all know from manga the white censor. Well I say manga but I was wrong it turned out to be a Manhwa this is different because it is not from Japan I believe this series is Korean so of course it is named different. This was the first time I read a Manhwa let alone a Manga, I was excited it was a manga but then I was wrong haha. To me the first volume didn’t have much dialog, I was not away if this was a normal thing or what since it was my first time reading a foreign comic book. As the story progresses and the volumes more dialog happen. The series starts slow but towards the end of the first volume it left me with curiosity about whats next. As the story advances there it gets better more action more exciting. Kept me wanting to find out more. It is not an amazing series but it was quiet entertaining. The finale was a bit surprising with what happen with father.  If you find this series for cheap, pick it up its not a bad read. Well it wasn’t for me, everyone likes different things and I respect that. There is only 5 volumes so not that bad. If you have read it or end up reading it let me know what you think about it.

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