Read – The Walking Dead Vol. 9-17

Lately I have been reading more, here is a list of things I have read with a small little thought about each one or series.

The Walking Dead V. 9-17
Lets start with The Walking Dead V. 9 -17. My friend let me borrow this series and let me tell you every volume is a nail biter, some more than others of course. I will keep this short because I do not want to give away to many spoilers. This all takes places mostly in the part where they enter the town in which if you are watching the show they just got the at the end of last season. There is a lot of conflict inside, up to this day I still am surprised that we should fear the living more than the dead. Well anyways a lot of deaths happen here and there, some to characters I did not want to die because of course I got used to them. There is one death that made me actually scream out loud “Nooo!” For those of you who have read it probably know which death I am talking about. Weapon of choice a bat. This really got to me. I read this a few weeks ago up to this day it still hit me. Yeah eventually they will probably all die however, why they have to kill this person off such a way. This part of the story I forgot if it was volume 16 or 17 but wow I think it’s the only part that has had an impact with me. Not even when the other person got shot in the eye got me this bad. Although that is another “nooo” moment but not a out loud one. If you are a fan of the show and have not read the Graphic Novel I really recommend you pick it up and read it. If you are worried about the prices since there is quite a few volumes out already. Get the big book with several volumes or go to your nearest used bookstore i’m pretty sure get got some there. I will start buying my own copies soon. Most likely will be by helping out my local used bookstore. Help your local small business. Well other than those 2 parts there isn’t much besides the constant drama between people. Rick does hook up with two women, not bad for a one hand man haha… Well I guess that is it. More than a review this was just something to let out since not a lot of friend I have at moment read that much. (going to make new friends now, hahaha)


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