Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

As I said on my previous post that my niece was going to start watching Disney Animation according to their release dates. We started With Snow White and the Seven Darwfs. To be honest I’m not sure if I had seen it because I did not remember it at all. I’m pretty sure I had though as a kid. 

Movie is an amazing classic, what can I say about it that most of you don’t know. It’s a classic mostly everyone has seen it. I must say my favorite Dwarfs are Dopey and Grumpy. What’s yours? 

After the movie we watched the bonus materials. My niece has the DVD version. I decided I need to start making my own collection. I need to wait for them to release all movies again out of the vault. We checked out the Sneek Peek of The Princess and the Frog. It’s always amazing to see an unfinished work, seeing the process they do to complete an animation. We also checked out the Music Video by Tiffany Thornton. The feature that got my interest that I did not know was Snow White Returns. It seemed that Walt Disney might have wanted to do a sequel however it did not happen. It also came with 2 delete scenes. One of which the dwarfs are eating at table and the second one was them making a bed for Snow White. This were taken off the original movie and then might have left it for the sequel that never happened.

The last feature we saw was The One That Started It All.  About 17min documentary on what went down making of this film. The critics and everyone thought it would not be successful having a full-length cartoon. (Look at it now, an empire) Right after the movie it was automatically loved by critics and viewers. The start of what I call the Disney Empire, world domination. (They own many other companies)

As I am writing this I noticed the DVD comes with games as well. I did not see that. Now I have to go back and check that out.

If you haven’t seen Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, it’s never to late!


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