Movie Challege (Director & 730) – Duel ( Steven Spielberg #2)

Doing 2 challenges at the same time. Duel movie by Steven Spielberg continues that directors challenge and this will be my 2nd movie for the 730 movies in a year challenge. Challenges: Director (Steven Spielberg) 730 Movies (2) Name: Duel Director: Steven Spielberg Release Date: November 13, 1971 Cast: Dennis Weaver, Jacqueline Scott, Eddie Firestone Genre: … Continue reading Movie Challege (Director & 730) – Duel ( Steven Spielberg #2)

730 Movie Challenge – Let Go #1

Let's start over with this 730 movies in one year. First movie is: Name: Let Go Director: Brian Jett Release Date: August 21, 2012 Cast: David Denman, Gillian Jacobs, Kevin Hart.... Genre: Comedy Running Time: 95min Let Go follows the story of parole officer Walter Dishman and 3 ex- convicts under his supervision. The story is … Continue reading 730 Movie Challenge – Let Go #1

Catching Up

     Morning Everyone in the West, Good Afternoon to the rest of you. Due to family emergency I have tons of hours recorded of shows and sports on my DVR. The good thing is I have been avoiding any social media or radio talk about any of the things recorded. The hardest to watch … Continue reading Catching Up


It is funny how any second your life can change completely either good or bad but your life can change fast. Mine did on October 16 of this year. But not in a good way,.. Life just got harder. But I guess God has a plan. Just need to stay positive and keep moving forward.