Sorry Guys

     Sorry to you guys who follow me and who was keeping track of my movie challenge. I know I haven’t wrote in a few days just when I was starting to be good at this. I had a family emergency on our way to a family trip to Monterey Bay, CA. We were heading to the aquarium there from SoCal. But something happen and that didn’t happen. Right now the whole family is going through rough time. I finally was in the mood to log on here and write a little something maybe help me a little with everything I have bottled inside. I will resume what I was doing on here but at a slower pace as I have priority things to attend to. It’s interesting how in one second your whole life can change.  Hasn’t processed in my head yet what has happen, it is hard to believe. I just pray and wish things get better. Thank you for those of you who follow me and read this. If you don’t follow my blog yet please do. I will eventually be posting more things. I am part of the entertainment business and arts so a lot of that will be posted along with just daily life things that I go through. Thanks again.

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