Movie Challenge: Firelight (Steven Spielberg 

Mr. Spielberg's 4th film is Firelight. Another rarity, as I was only able to find 3:50 minutes of the film. This movie looks like it was an alien movie. Could be the beginning of what we all came to love Close Encounters of the Third Kind. From the scenes we were able to capture it … Continue reading Movie Challenge: Firelight (Steven Spielberg 

Movie Challenge: Escape to Nowhere (Steven Spielberg)

Third film of Mr. Spielberg was another short film Escape to Nowhere. It was also in 1961 as his previous short. According to IMDB it was a 40min short. However, I was only able to find 2min footage of it. It is very impressive that he did this at his age in times where technology wasn't … Continue reading Movie Challenge: Escape to Nowhere (Steven Spielberg)

2nd Movie Challenge

Earlier this year I wanted to do a challenge, 730 movies etched in a year. That didn't work out. Didn't really start it. So since I am doing this other director challenge I will do this one as well. So if you aren't following me yet then do so and join me in this adventure.