Netflix List

I am currently trying to find a movie to watch, my Netflix list is almost full so that's almost 500 movies/shows and I can't seem to know what I want to watch. Having so many choices kind of sucks cause I can't decide what to watch. I spend more time deciding hat to watch then … Continue reading Netflix List

Random Elsa

I'm sitting at the dinning table watching Ellen Degeneres Shows while working when from the corner of my eyes I see Elsa (character) from Frozen just walk by on the side walk. Haha that was random.


It's Friday, one of my dad's old workers came to see how my dad was doing so I have some free time to blog. Today is a day where you just want to be in pjs and watch some movies drinking something and/or munching on stuff. It's sprinkling since yesterday on and off. Thank God … Continue reading Friday


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