Life at This Time

Many things have happen, I think things are starting to get to me but that was meant to happen. However, I need to find a way to relax and meditate and be in peace with myself. My dad is slowly getting better each day, slowly but there is improvements. I need to get back into my challenges. They have stopped with everything that has happened. Thank God to DVR as well because I can record all the shows I have missed. I also need to get back into reading. Steve Jobs book is big for someone who just started getting into reading haha. I need to think about how many books I should read for 2016 book challenge I do on Goodread.
One thing I did learn is that spreadsheets, documents, and other programs like those are becoming my best friends haha. I am getting addicted to them to keep everything organized and listed. Makes my life easier.
I saw that my friend had a white board with things written down that he had to do for work and for personal life. I asked him about it, he said every office should have one. After he explained it to me I remembered that I might have one in the garage. Thankfully I found one with the perfect size. Now I am using that along with computer programs to make my life easier in this crazy times.
I will stop writing here because I will get off topic and we don’t want this post to be going all over the place and becoming super long. So until later or whenever I get a change again. My target is to at least blog once a week.


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