Journey Begins

What does a person have to do now days to get readers and fans? I normally have a reader here and there but apparently people still are partying, not hating. Glad people are out having fun and not sitting in front of the computer doing whatever it is ya’ll do.

Today was a good day, I made myself a goal to try and go out more.  I normally spend my money on things I don’t need mostly fast food, but that’s a different blog post (trying to change that as well).  I was supposed to start my California’s mission goal today, to visit all of California’s 21 missions. Decided we would start from the south up but then I came across a link that showed the map of California with all 21 mission and numbered by when they were established.  After taking a look at that of course I had to change my plan to actually doing that instead of south to north.  However, due to low budget cause of the holidays I decided to postponed it for another weekend. I will make a separate blog post about that.

Instead I ended up going the Annenberg Space for Photography.  I try to go to every exhibit but I think I missed the last one and since I had free time today I decided to go.  I love going to that place, every time I go I come out inspired and motivated to work more on my photography and other dreams.  This exhibit is LIFE: A Journey Through Time photographer Frans Lanting.  His work is amazing, I loved it.  How he captures the animals and the locations is just beautiful.  There is this one photo taken of the human hand but you can see all the veins it was awesome.  Made me thing how interesting life is, how all living this are so interesting there is way more than the eye can see and way more that we know about the world.

There is a lot more on my mind that I can write about but I will end this before it starts getting way to long then no one will want to read it.  I do leave you with this, if you like or love photography and are in or around the L.A Area go check out Annenbergs Space for Photography, it is always great, plus it’s free! Can’t beat that!


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