Good things at Bad Times

It’s interesting how good things might happen even during bad times. Call it what you like, but it is interesting. I am going through some bad times and at the same time I have a great friend that gave me a MacBook Pro. It is an older refurbished one but I am excited to get one. I have always wanted one, I finally have one.  Other little things are also happening that are good during hard times.  One of my other friends invited me to my first ever Nascar race here in California the Auto Speedway.  This race is tomorrow and I am excited about it!



So my friend ended up getting a hold of a Mac refurbished and she gave it to me! I’m excited! Although I kind of can’t use it yet cause she forgot to get the charger when she came to drop it off. But still, I’m an owner of a MAC! I’m so excited! I have great friends!