Even though I couldn't sleep much last night I woke up kind of early... Going to try and start my day. Hopefully it will be a good day! Hope everyone has a good one!

Chelsea on Netflix 

It was 2 something am. Couldn't sleep so I started going through my queue on Netflix. Since its late didn't want to see something long in case I knocked out. I could always leave half way and come back to it. So went through a few things and decided to watch Chelsea finally after many … Continue reading Chelsea on Netflix 

Please/Thank You

Hey guys, i'm trying to build up 3 business and I need your help! Please go to the links below and can go LIKE/Follow them please and Thank You! JimGar Photography All types of photos, if you are interested in photos please contact me! FB: JimGar Photography IG: @jimgar_photography If you want the website as well … Continue reading Please/Thank You

Tv Shows

I been behind TV Shows so much that my DVR never goes down. I have time to catch up currently watching Quantico still haven't finished first season. It's getting good.  Any Quantico fans out there?


Not sure if I have written this before but I got into reading manga and watching anime.  I got my niece into it as well.  Currently I started a few of them but I find it hard to watch multiple at a time because then I feel like I will never end watching the anime. … Continue reading Manga/Anime