Not sure if I have written this before but I got into reading manga and watching anime.  I got my niece into it as well.  Currently I started a few of them but I find it hard to watch multiple at a time because then I feel like I will never end watching the anime.  I am currently only focusing on ‘Soul Eater’, watching it on Netflix. I also end up getting Crunchyroll, now i’m a subscriber to that. Woohoo!  I also just finished reading Vol. 1 of ‘Soul Eater’ manga.  Building my manga collection. Last week I got ‘Is it Wrong to Try and Pick up Girls in a Dungeon’ Vol 2 from Amazon. I still haven’t read it, yesterday I ordered ‘Demon Prince of Momochi House’ my niece wanted to check it out so I ordered it, we’ll see how it is.

Do we have any manga/anime fans out here? If so leave a comment and let me know any recommendation and/or your favorite series.

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