Show and Anime watching.

I was thinking of doing episode by episode review of everything I watch regarding ones that have episodes, but that is just too much reading that at my stage I do not have much readers so it would be more of a waste of my time when I can put that time to writing about … Continue reading Show and Anime watching.

Middle School Fundraiser 

Today I ended up going to Shakey's with my sister, niece and a friend of hers.  For a certain amount of time Shakey's donated 25% of sales to the school. Great thing that companies do this. It helps out school.  Now days schools do not get the funds they need for materials or programs.  Glad … Continue reading Middle School Fundraiser 

Sunday Night

Last night I watch some stuff on the DVR. Some included the Stand Up 2 Cancer special. Even though I recorded I did make my donation on Friday.  Have to donate even if it's at least a little bit anything to help. Also watched Lip Sync Battle All-Star... I think that wasn't fair cause Michael … Continue reading Sunday Night