Sunday Night

Last night I watch some stuff on the DVR. Some included the Stand Up 2 Cancer special. Even though I recorded I did make my donation on Friday.  Have to donate even if it’s at least a little bit anything to help. Also watched Lip Sync Battle All-Star… I think that wasn’t fair cause Michael Phelps had not been there before. All four should have been people who had already been there and champions.  That’s just my opinion though.  Afterwards when heading to my room I got on my desktop and logged into Netflix.  Ended up figuring out a new challenge which will help with my Netflix list.  That is to watch all things that will be taken off from Netflix that are on my list.  They were taking a movie off today that I had on the queue which was Legend of The Fist.  Turned out to be a good movie and got to put it on before midnight which is the time Netflix take off shows. So now I’m left with Heroes and a bunch of home collection shows to watch before October first if I remember correctly.  I’m up early even though I went to sleep around 3am. Hope I can take a nap during day if not I will be cranky soon as I get tired haha. Well on to  starting the weekday!

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