Black Butler II E:1

Black Butler II E: 1, what what?!? What’s going on… Why did they change their looks? Did they change them? No more Ciel or Sebastian? What?!? Where all my questions in the first minute of the episode. Let’s not forget, who’s that naked person.. Hahaha

As it kept going I was getting worried that the normal characters were not going to show up. Good thing I kept watching, apparently it was another pair.  Sebastian shows up later with a brief case asking for a place to stay the night…

I won’t get into full details cause that just kills watching the series for me. So I don’t want any readers getting to much spoilers.  

The episode did keep me asking “What’s going on?” “Why?”  It also had a bit of action. If the series continues this way than I might enjoy it more than the first one.

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