Reading Challenge

I. Have had Goodreads app for a while. Keeps track of books I want to read, have read, and currently reading. On current reading list I can even input the page I am in.  I really like the app. I can also review and rate the books but however I still haven’t really done reviews. My skills are not good at all. I will slowly start learning to review items.  Anyways, this is not specific about the app.  Goodreads has a reading challenge. You input the number of books you want to read for the year and keeps track as you input what you have read. I love this feature. Last year I put 12 I believe and I went passed it.  This year I decided to put 24. I am currently at 18 and it’s September already.  Just to let you know, I am just beginning to read. I never really did it. Always was interested, seeing my sister always reading, however it always was hard for me to get in mood to get started.  Finally I did, and I enjoy it a lot now.  The challenge for me is any type of books this includes manga and comic books/ graphic novels. Any reading is reading.  Everyone has different liking and I like everything lol. I will try and keep posting about my reading challenge maybe some of you can join in on the fun.  Have to decide how many I want to read in 2017!

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