Show and Anime watching.

I was thinking of doing episode by episode review of everything I watch regarding ones that have episodes, but that is just too much reading that at my stage I do not have much readers so it would be more of a waste of my time when I can put that time to writing about topics that are more interesting. I decided to just do season reviews instead, sum up the whole season which to me would be better too.  So here is an update. Anime I am watching with my niece and I am in Black Butler II, regular cartoon we are watching South Park and we are in season 2 (Thank You Hulu! for having all the seasons). Regular show my niece wants to start season 1 of Scream which we haven’t started yet. With my sis and niece, we are watching American Horror Story season 4 I believe it is Freak Show.  We are also watching the Final Season of Ghost Hunters, we are watching those live or on DVR we are up to date on those.  I by myself am watching Heroes season 3 on Netflix, need to finish the series before Oct. 1st cause that’s when Netflix will take it off.  Also watching a reality home show, Big Style Small Space I believe it is called. Also will be taken off from Netflix on the first.  Oh yeah and anime wise with my sis we are in season 1 of Twin Star Exorcist.  That is my update on those. I have to keep track of what we are watching cause the girls forget haha. Good thing I love all this.

Oh yeah before I forget, with my aunt I am watching Gothham season 1, with my dad and aunt Blindspot season 1. With dad X-Files season 1.

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