Late Night…

Hey ya’ll! 2:16am here and I can’t sleep. I’m having like an anxiety attack! I can’t stop worrying about things. Life isn’t fair at times and holding everything in is not great. Hopefully writing will help me get distracted.

I am currently doing challenges/marathons. I am watching all the Barbie movies with my niece. Order of release. Also doing Disney Animation movies including studios that are with Disney such as Pixar. Doing that in order as well. If you all remember I started a challenge by selecting a director and watching his work. I need to continue that one. I started with Steven Spielberg. I am also watching all seasons of Gilmore Girls, first time watching. I’m almost done with season 4.

Along with movie/show watching. I need to start a reading challenge. This year I had a goal of 24 reading materials and I went over that thanks to comic books. For 2017 I hope to read 48 items. I have that challenge on Goodreads. Check them out to keep track on books you read, reading and want to read. Shoutout to Goodreads. I am currently reading ‘Think & Grow Rich’. Good book so far. Almost half way done.

Ok well that’s it for now. I will try to get some sleep.

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