Day 1

     Been talking to a friend about I trying to get things done, to get daily routines going.  He started some routines he is keeping up with this year, this is great for him.  He did give me great advice.  Instead of trying to start a lot of daily task all at once, I should take 1 at a time.  Once I have that routine down start to focus on adding another one and so on.  I decided to do that today.

      I am starting with this blog.  I want to become good at writing because I have started 2 magazines and with no budget to get help. I have to do everything. To start writing articles and reviews I think writing daily on this blog will help me with writing for my magazines. Well that is the plan. Haha…

     I hope that I can manage to write at least 1 post a day.  I  haven’t been able to sleep at all tonight so I am up at 6am on the laptop writing this.  I hope you all will come on my journey.  If anyone else out there is trying to start daily routines, leave a comment below let me know what it is you’re trying to work on. Maybe we can share advice.

     That is one thing I do hope from this blog that my readers will join in the conversation.


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