Anime, Shows, Video Game, Book

Just from the title, those are some of the things I love doing and have done today.  I got caught up with anime that I am watching simulcast.  Akibas Trip, Dragons Maid, Interview with Monster Girls. those are just the ones I am currently up to date with.  I finally got to finish B-Project, I can’t believe it ended like that. I wonder if they are going to do a second season.  If they are I wonder how they will do it. All available on Crunchyroll.

Show wise I finished season 4 of 3rd Rock from the Sun.  I forgot how funny that show is great thing that Netflix has it, all 6 seasons.  Funny how Harry’s girlfriend gets pregnant, I wonder how it will be when it comes out, I will see in the next episode.  Sorry for those who haven’t seen it.  I think I have ADD so from now on every time I finish a season I will watch something each then come back from it. This way my attention doesn’t start wandering and I lose interest in what I am watching.

Game wise I got back into Lego Dimension. Had some new figurines that I haven’t tried out to open new worlds.  I was only able to try Jay from Ninjago, which is the blue ninja and I believe it is lightning (according to my niece, still haven’t got a chance to watch the cartoon yet).  I still have a few other figurines that I haven’t opened yet. I will post about it when I do.  I also tried the Ninjago world since it was unlocked with the character.  So far the world is pretty good, did some of the missions.

I finally was able to continue reading, I am currently reading Tanequil, the second book in High Druid of Shannara Trilogy.  Read 2 or 3 chapters, it is a good fantasy book.  The first book was good.  It was great that I found the trilogy at The Iliad Bookshop. My favorite book store that I go with my sister we come out with $60-$100 dollar worth of books every time we go.

Well I am excited that today is day 2 of me blogging.  I hope I keep this up. I have to thank my friend for the support and helping me with advice to keep this going.

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