Anime & SAG Awards

Sunday, the most relaxing day of the week.  Sometimes that is.  Today I relaxed and just watched anime.  I woke up did some reading which I was able to get a few pages in today.  Most of my day though consisted in anime.  My niece did not want to watch anything today so I started to check out for new ones and I came across one that my friend had recommended. 

I started watching Konosuba, the first episode was funny and had my hooked.  I kept watching it until I had to stop at episode 7.  It is a funny series, it is about a young man Kazuma who ends up dying and was given the opportunity to go to a different dimension in order to save that world from an evil villain.  There is more to it but of course I do not want to give any spoilers or write to much about it.  Not the post for that.  After I am done with this I will go back and continue watching it until I get tired enough that I can not read the subtitles anymore.

After the 7 episodes I watched the SAG Awards.  I watch mostly all the award shows as long as I know when they are passing them and don’t miss the date.  It is a tradition I have with my sister.  Even if we have not seen or heard of some of the nominees we will watch them.  This year the SAG awards were not that bad.  They were short and felt like they were fast.  My sister even said “Is that it?” that is rare for one of us to say that, normally it is a “finally, that was long”.  One thing I can complain about was the In Memoriam, the reason for this was because they did not add John Hurt.  They had enough time to add a photo of him or a clip. If he was there and I missed it I apologize, but if he wasn’t there that sucks.

After the awards I was able to catch up on some episodes of season 9 of Big Bang Theory.  Amy and Sheldon are getting back together and that was a real long kiss.  First time I see that.

Well that is it for now, this is Day 3 back to back, I believe. I am proud I have got this far in blogging without stopping.  Haha I know it is only 3 days but to me that is an improvement.  Until tomorrow! Good night everyone!

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