Weekend was good and chill.  I did NOTHING.  Everyone needs weekends when you do nothing. A weekend or days when you have to think “Wow the time went by fast, what did I do?” the answer is nothing! Haha… I did do some things of course but it did not feel like I was doing anything because it was so chill.  At moment I am currently watching The Grammy’s Salute to the music of Bee Gees. Awesome band, awesome music.


Your Input

As some of you know I started 2 magazines.  It is hard on my own to find people to help me.  I need material for the websites.  I want to start writing about things I read, watch, hear.. etc.  The input I need from you guys is should I write them on here and link it to my website or should I just write it straight on that website.  I also want content from here.  Which I am not good at keeping up but as of today I am taking more action.  So please let me know!