Doctor Who Challenge

Today in the morning I was talking to my friend about Doctor Who.  I have never seen the show or know much about it.  Last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, one of them was a Doctor Who one.  I woke up early today and read some comics.  I read the Doctor Who one which led to the conversation with my friend about it.  I decided to watch Doctor Who from the beginning, the classics.  This is one of my current challenges.

I found episodes online of Season 1. It is in black and white,  it is in 1963 I believe.  It starts off with a young woman in school.  She is acting strange so two teachers start noticing her and end up following her to where she lives.  They come across the doctor and enter their time machine. After an incident they end up traveling back in time to the cave man era.

The first arc consist of 4 episodes, the pilot and their trip back in time.  Where they get captive by the cave man who are struggling to make fire.  They have to work together and find a way to get back to TARDIS ( the time machine)

So far the show is interesting.  Quality is not great of course cause it is from 1963.  It’s keeping my interest.  I hope to watch an arc a day or an arc in 2 days depending on my schedule and how long each arc are.   I hope ya’ll follow me in this challenge.  Comment below I would love your intake on this show.

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