Comic Books Haul #1

Today Thursday I went to my local comic book shop Galaxy of Comic.  I finally have a pull list.  I stopped going because of rides, not having a car at moment sucks.  So I am behind on several of the comics I collect.  Having a pull list will also help me in case I forget of something and not worry to hurry up and go pick it up before they sell out.

The haul I will start with this week is with the last few times I have gone but have not input the inventory into my list on my computer. (cases I need to catch up, I remember what I have) So here is a list of ones I have. I still have not read them.  I ran out of bags to put them in so I will read them until I get that next week hopefully.  This way I just put them away safely soon as I finish reading.

–  The Power of the Dark Crystal #3 ( I am missing #1, if anyone knows where I can get a hold of one please let me know. My shop isn’t able to get any more of those)
–  The Power of the Dark Crystal #4 (Need to get my hands on #1 to start this series)
–  Jessica Jones #9 (I am missing #5 so if anyone knows let me know!)
–  Batman #24 (I am missing a few of this one, sucks cause I know this issue is the proposal)
–  Batman #25
–  Darth Maul #4 (Not sure if I have #3 I need to check and update my list)
–  Darth Vader #1
–  Darth Vader #2
–  Suicide Squad #20 (Need to catch up on this one as well)
–  Teen Titans #9 (Playing catch up)
–  Adventure Time Comics #12 (I get this for my niece but I need up reading them. Playing catch up too

As you can see I am playing catch up on many comics, this are only some that I collect and need to catch up on.
Let me know what you all are reading and if you have any recommendations.


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