Anime Expo 2017 #1

Anime Expo this year was fun. Last year I only went for 1 day this year I went for 4 days. Checked out the panels for Viz Media, Sentai, Aniplex, Crunchyroll, FullMetal Alchemist Live Action, Warner Brothers Japan.  

Fullmetal Alchemist panel was fun! Got to see the director and the actor playing Edward. They showed us clips for the movie.  I am excited, it looks like it will be an awesome movie. Looking forward to checking it out.

We were able to get some free stuff on some panels and also at the exhibit hall.  Went crazy at the Artist Den.  We support the arts a lot.  When I say we, it’s my sis and I.  It was my birthday yesterday so my gift from my sister was taking me to Anime Expo. While there she ended getting me next years gift. Tickets to next year Expo! I am excited about it!

I’ll add photos on my next post!


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