The Witcher (1)

The Witcher, a series that had my interest but I never got into playing.  Finally a month or 2 ago I saw that Steam had it on sale I ended up getting The Witcher 1 and 2 for  under $10 great deal!
Today I finally finished the first game.  It is interesting game, I liked the story.  Found out it is based of a book, now I have to research that book to read it. The game mechanics were a bit hard to get for a while but as I went forward I got used to it.  I am not a gamer with years or experience.  I play hear and then I just started gaming a little more with the PS4 release then one of my friends got my into PC gaming.  I played this game in PC due to the fact I got 2 games for under $10!
Since I finished it I went into the new adventure section.  It has 7 side stories.  This is The Witcher Enhance Edition.  First one is “Damn Those Swamps” which was confusing at first, didn’t know what was happening but then you come to understand what the short arc was about. Interesting so far. Keep in mind I am going in to this games as a beginner gamer.
I will post again every time I finish one and let you know my quick thoughts of them.

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