Witcher 1 (Wraiths of Quiet Hamlet)

     Wraiths of Quiet Hamlet the 5th DLC of The Witcher 1. This took me longer because I got stuck, didn’t know what to do then I stopped playing due to the holidays. Tonight I decided to get back on it and finished it. A clear mind always helps as well.  Well this story the Witcher comes to a place where the Village Leader has become a drunk because his son is no where to be found.  A villager highers the Witcher to deal with some Wraiths.  I won’t get into detail for those of you that haven’t played it. On to the next DLC, I believe there is 2 left.

What did you think about this DLC, let me know on a comment below. If you haven’t played it let me know if you are planning to!

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