Task + Organizing

2018 I am trying to become a better person to have a better life.  For this I have a problem with keeping organized and doing task.  I procrastinate most of the time.  I found last year this site called Habitica through a YouTube video.  I can't remember what video it was if not I would … Continue reading Task + Organizing

Newest Encounter (K-Pop)

Hello, as you can tell this is about K-Pop.  I started listening K-Pop last year around summer time.  I had heard some songs here and there but I was not rally listening to it.  Last summer I got more into it especially with my niece getting into it as well.  I joined her in the … Continue reading Newest Encounter (K-Pop)

Witcher 1 (The Wedding)

Witcher 1 (The Wedding) DLC just finished.  This is about the Witcher waking up to his wedding day.  I really did not like this one.  It was just pure reading. I won't say more and spoil everything for those who haven't played it.  So far this is my least favorite.  One more to go.