New Year, New Start?

Happy New Year!!! New Year, new start?  I know you can start over at anytime.  The New Year just makes it feel right.  At least to me.  This year I made resolutions for the first time every, from what I can remember.  I hope I can  do them.  My resolution for this blog is to write at least one simple post every day, the minimum once a week.  I have been very bad at posting stuff but I hope that changes.  I will also want to focus on changing the layout of the blog.  Instead of having it straight forward like how it is now I would like to have different pages for the different topics I would like to discuss.  I know not all of you are interested in the same stuff.  This way it can be easier to just go to the main topics you want to read.

Some of my other resolutions were getting healthy and focusing on my appearance as well.  Time to looks nice and start looking for that special lady hahaha….  Work harder is on the top as well. Among others but this are my main ones.

What resolutions did you make?

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