Newest Encounter (K-Pop)

Hello, as you can tell this is about K-Pop.  I started listening K-Pop last year around summer time.  I had heard some songs here and there but I was not rally listening to it.  Last summer I got more into it especially with my niece getting into it as well.  I joined her in the journey to discover the world of K-Pop.
I use the term world of K-Pop because in its own way it is its own little world.  Just as Hollywood has its own thing, we got the world of gaming.  More international would be Bollywood as well (which I do really like their movies, need to get back into that. That’s a whole other thing haha…).
I say this because there is more to K-Pop then just the music.  Music artist in the U.S I feel like,  you listen to their music and watch their music videos (that is even if you watch those) and that is it.  Yes of course there are fans that follow them more but in the artist side they don’t do much for the fans as K-Pop artist do from my point of view.
What I really like about K-Pop besides the music, which I will get into it later, is that K-Pop artist do a lot more for their fans.  By do more I mean they are not only doing music and concerts and going to talk shows to perform. K-Pop artist do all that but in the talk show side they do a lot more on those shows,  they make them do stuff, and play stuff.  Differently than what they do here in the states.  On top of that, not sure if all but most artist they give them their own reality shows that follow them around or make them do stuff what they call missions.  They have tons of fan meetings, they have an app for artist to live stream to fans (just for that purpose, unlike FB Live and all the others) called V-Live App, they do this frequently.  Some even come out in shows or have their own web series as well.
I will get more into the detail of each one in different posts because it would be a lot for one post.  The CD’s they release are different as well, they release a lot of singles, mini albums (they have about 4-7 songs most of the time) and they have a few full albums which is what we are used to here.  I will get more into that in another post as well.  Most are mini albums and they cost around $15 and up, most of the time they are in the $20 something range.  This is a lot for us especially for 4-7 songs (not a full album we are used to).  However, if you are a fan of a certain artist/group you tend to want to support them, plus most albums come with a lot more. More in that they come with photo books, stickers, postcards, some even come with posters.  Pretty much you are paying for all that which is not a bad deal for that price.
There is a lot more details to all this but if you are interested and/or a fan I will be posting more about K-Pop in later posts.  If you are just getting into it, welcome to the dark side. HAHA
If you are a fan of K-Pop or are interested in it, leave a comment below! Let me know what you like about K-Pop and who’s your favorite artist/group.

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