Task + Organizing

2018 I am trying to become a better person to have a better life.  For this I have a problem with keeping organized and doing task.  I procrastinate most of the time.  I found last year this site called Habitica through a YouTube video.  I can’t remember what video it was if not I would have shared it.  I am going to be using Habitica more often because it helps with keeping to do list, dailies, habits, while playing a rpg game.  The more task you do, you level up your character.  You are able to join others and go on mission with them.
Getting your life on track while playing a game, count me in!  Now my only issue now is making friends to go on a quest. So if you are on Habitica and would like to team up for quest, comment below and let me know!
If you are into RPG and need to get organized in your life, go check out habitica.com Even if you are organized person and just love TO DO lists this is a fun way to do it.

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