Computer Maintenance + Gaming Mods

How are you all doing? As for me I been dealing with some health issues.  This is a reason why I did not keep on posting things as planned.  I am slowly getting back to the routine of things.  Not sure if I have mentioned this but I now have a graphic tablet for my desktop.  Great for editing photos, I had to get that hooked up and getting the pen to work was a bit of annoyance.  Gaming wise I ended up getting Skyrim Special Edition because a friend plays it a lot and recommended it to me.  It was on sale so I got it as a Birthday gift to myself.  I started playing it for a bit but then I was asking about mods.  Keep in mind, I am new at all this.  So my friend was helping me with all that headache.  I got a couple main mods into it. SKSE, the UI one, LOOT, and the Clean Up one.  Headache when it was not installing properly or working.
I updated my graphic card software which now the computer seems to be pausing or skipping every few seconds, need to figure that out.  Which made me realize I need to do the maintenance on this PC to try and make it work faster. Also will clean the dust which I don’t think I ever done. Bad of me, I know!  I need to get back to Witcher 2 before I get to sucked into Skyrim. I’ll do another post on my gaming update.  I’ll try to post more often. Keep an eye out for that! Until next time!

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