Anime Update

Summer very hot time to be outdoors all the time.  it is also Summer lineup for anime on Crunchyroll.  I been behind so much on anime and everything else that catching up seems like it will take forever.  I will never catch up haha…

I finally caught up with some anime and started a new one.

92084     My Hero Academia season 3, Finally caught up to this one.  I must say this anime is better than I expected it to be.  It was on my queue but did not start watching it until it was announced that they will have things for it at Anime Expo.  I did not get a chance to see the world premiere of the movie, but I discovered that this anime is now one of my current favorite series.  I am definitely enjoying the love story that seems that will lead to something between Midoriya and Uraraka.  If you haven’t started this series I recommend you do.  It is very good.

1682544_Latvian_ShowMasterKeyArt_0407047e-c994-e711-8175-020165574d09     Next up is Black Clover, another anime that took me time to caught up.  Needed to find the time to binge watch it.  This anime is good as well.  The animation is darker than My Hero Academia which I like.  Asta not having magic but still wanting to be the Wizard king is awesome.  Nothing stops him, he just keeps at it.  Having to compete with Yuno having the same goal just makes him go beyond his limit.  Shouldn’t we all work hard for what we want and sometimes go over our limit to get what we want?  Must check out anime was well!


I decided that instead of watching just old anime and trying to catch up with all that, that I should just watch the summer lineup. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs came up first which is why I started with this one.  This anime is about a High School boy Kogarashi who is able to see supernatural things and able to exorcise ghost with a punch.  He comes to live in a Haunted Hot Spring which his roommate turns out to be a ghost.  However, because it is a girl and she is hot and nice he decided not to exorcise (not sure how you say that haha) her and instead lives and sleeps with her in the same room.  This anime is ecchi, one thing I dislike, because it is new and on Crunchyroll is that it is censored.  You get the white cloud/mist.  I would like to see how it was intended to be.  It currently has 3 episodes out and I liked it, it is funny.  Some thing to check out if you are into this type of anime.

Those are the three I am caught up with at the moment.  I got a ways to go to get caught up on the summer lineup.  I will as well keep on blogging about them.  I am debating if I should write about individual episodes or not.  Let me know what you all think on a comment!



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