31 Days of Halloween – Day # -2 through 3

I had started a 31 Days of Halloween challenge, which I will be watching at least 1 Halloween based movie a day.  I started this on Saturday,  2 days before October started.  I have been sharing it on IG (@episteme_magazine) and on Amino Movies&TV (Crimson, not sure how you can find someone through there).

I will be posting on here from now on as well.  This first post will be about day -2 until day 3.  Here it goes:

Day – 2
We started Day -2 with “The Strangers”.  A movie I had already seen, my niece had not seen yet, so I decided to start with this movie.  I remember going to the movies to see this one and liked it.  I miss Liv Tyler, does anyone else?

What are your thoughts on this one?


Day – 1
For our Day – 1 we watched ‘ Let Me In’.  I had watched in the past the original foreign film of this adaptation.  I believe the original one is called ‘Let the Right One In’.  I liked that one so I decided to give the American version a try.  ‘Let Me In’ turned out to be good as well.  For me that is, I always go in with no expectations that way I can enjoy the film.  Chloe I believe is the actress, shes great! Love her!
What do ya’ll think of this one?

Day 1
Day 1 the first day of October!  We start the month and the official 31 Days of Halloween with a Netflix movie, ‘The Babysitter’.  I decided to use this poster because I noticed most of the ads are of Bella Thorne yet she’s not the babysitter.
This movie was actually entertaining.  Nothing too series as expected.  Deaths were somewhat bloody.  The movies made me scream at it a few times with things like “You just ran passed the door, why are you going up to the second floor?”.  The cheerleader was way too nice with the kid.  That’s a big sign that something is up and wrong.  Hana Mae Lee is in this movie, when she started talking I was like “She can talk!” then I was like “Excuse me bitch, you don’t need to shout.”  Pitch Perfect fans will understand this!.
What are you thoughts on this one?

Day 2
Day 2 is ‘V/H/S/2’.  Of course I had seen the first one.  I liked the first one, it was interesting and different.  This sequel was similar with different stories in each tape.
Two stories pop out more to me which was the first one the eye one and also the cult one.  Both stand out to me the most.  The last one with the aliens was good but I did not like the ending with the dog.  I did not think they would show the dog at the end.  That just broke my heart. Yes it is a movie but I am not cool with seeing animal scenes like that.  Overall movie was good. Available on Netflix.
What did you think of this one? Do you like the first one better or this one?

Day 3
Day 3, yesterday!  Went old school classic 80’s with this one.  Not scary but great for Halloween.  ‘Killer Klowns From Outer Space’, not scary unless you are scared of clowns.  I own this movie and yet I end up watching it on Hulu.
What can I say about this movie? It is about killer clowns from outer space!  Clowns attacking with popcorn, cotton candy, and don’t forget the pies! Really fun movie!
What do you think about this one? Is it in your favorites?

So we finally caught up.  At moment it is about to be 9am, I have not watched today’s movie.  Normally I watch it after 4pm which by then I start watching other things as well and then end up not writing for the same day.  Which I should even if its late on the same day.  I will see you later tonight I hope! If not till tomorrow!

What are you favorite Halloween movies? Doesn’t matter if it they are family friendly or not.  We all love Hocus Pocus! haha…  Comment bellow!


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