New Start?

2019 is right around the corner!  Great opportunity for a new start?  That is what I been debating about.  I have many plans for 2019 and I am already getting prepared for them.  However, I been debating if I should actually wait until the first to start or just start now.  Any new day is a new start right?  I have been writing down plans for many things even for my health, physical and mentally.
I am going to start a personal journal as well as try to blog more.  I always say I will write more on here but I don’t.  It is hard to get a new habit, I start and it can last me a few days and then it goes away.  This is with any new habit.  I need to work on consistency.  As long as I can find a way to keep on going I will succeed!  I am actually excited and looking forward to everything I have planned.
I hope that I can also start meeting new positive people in my life.  If you guys have any goals for the new year, I wish you luck and good vibes!  I hope you can accomplish all your goals! Don’t give up, fighting!


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