I just got into ATEEZ with ‘Say My Name’. It is a good song and the video is good as well. Their wardrobe style is awesome. I like the deep voice of one of the members, I need to learn their names and find out who that is. Might become the bias of the group.

ATEEZ just came out with the MV for ‘Hala, Hala’. Just finished watching it and it looks like a performance video. It is still a good video and song. The fashion that whole dark futuristic cowboy look I really like! To me that makes them pop out more.

Check this out, so those outfit not look awesome. I wish I was tall and skinny to pull that off. Well mostly the tallness because the skinny can be done if really wanted but I can’t grow anymore. HAHA… (I am really short for a guy, I have spina bifida and I believe that was on reason for the height… way to short)

But overall I am really enjoying ATEEZ. I am looking forward to what they will bring in the future. I need to check out their other work and albums.

Until next time! Fighting!

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