Oh! GG ‘Girls For Rest’

     As you all might know or will know now, I am a k-pop fan.  I started watching more reality shows on VLive.  I recently just finished watching ‘Girls For Rest’.  I am a fan of Girls Generation and this unit I love as well.  I got to know more about each member. I mostly only knew their songs but never really saw anything of theirs and I’m multi fandom so it’s hard to remember every member in every group.  My bias in GG is Taeyeon, not because she might be one of the main ones or the leader but I actually loved her for her solo work.  At this time I didn’t know she was a member of GG so when I found out I already had a bias. Haha.  Of course I like a few other girls but Taeyeon is my #1!

     Back to the show! The girls are sent to south of Spain.  I like that they spend time together as well as separate and did activities on their own that they enjoy.  I like each of the girls personalities.  I would love to meet them one day.  I will work hard to meet all this idols! (Story for another post) overall the show was fun.  Got to see them a bit more intimate.  After watching they released 2 parts of extra footage but you need to pay.  Eventually I’ll check it out.  

     Now that I am finished with it, on to the next! Maybe Oh My Girl? Since I recently saw them in concert!

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