Uncharted 2 ‘Among Thieves’

I finished another game, Uncharted 2. Another good game, game play on this one was similar as the first. The camera angles on some of the scenes in this game was awesome. Example, scenes where Drake is running and the bridge is falling, seems like a cut scenes but you still got to run and shoot in some parts. Those parts I always enjoy in games. Makes it seems like “should I be pressing something or is it a cut scene”. As I have said before I am a bad gamer that loves gaming so I did die a few times. My problem is I do not have patience I just want to go in Rambo style all the time and that is not always a good idea. When shooting I do always try to aim at the head. Faster kills. I believe in Uncharted 1 and 2 I did have a couple of achievements for headshots. A bit proud of that haha. I would actually like to get good at shooting games to be able to play online and actually survive enough time to enjoy the multiplayer games. Okay, just realized i’m going off topic.

Overall I really enjoyed the game and the story. For me I love stories in games. I always look forward to cut scenes as well. The ending was good. I didn’t get to kill the villain but he got what he deserves, probably worse. My next game of course will be Uncharted 3. This will be my last Uncharted game for a bit because I did get the collection and I do not own the 4th one. I still need to get that one.

I will be streaming game play tomorrow on TWITCH. Follow me there as well @crimson_moon7 All follows on here or any of my social networks is greatly appreciated. Also if you ever have any good games to recommend please let me know! Old or new, any game unplayed is a new game for me.

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