Memories of the Alhambra

Hi everyone, today I write about a K-Drama I finished a few weeks ago but barely got to write about it. Memories of the Alhambra  it is a k-drama on Netflix Original. It was released weekly, not sure if they passed it on t.v in South Korea or it was just exclusive to Netflix. But anyways moving on.

The drama was awesome, one of the really good dramas I have seen. This drama is about a young man who created an AR game and is trying to sell it to a company. However of course something happens and he was not able to do and disappears. One of the CEO’s he contact tries the game and starts looking for the missing creator. The game turns out to be more than they expected.

Overall the drama is good, the gaming part got my interested more. How the game is played by putting eye contacts on and the game uses its surrounding as the game. Of course it was way better that it took place in Granada, Spain for part of the drama. The cast was good. I believe the only one I had seen before might have been the creator of the game which is Exo’s Chanyeol (forgive me if I spelled that wrong).

It has twist that I did not expected, at times it gets to a point like “wait, what?” but then you get whats happening. I believe this was from the director and producer of W not sure if creators of it. But I am pretty sure. At the time I had seen this one I had not seen W yet. I will leave W for another post. The ending of this drama got me teary with the church scene when he had to delete the virus. One being really close to him (trying not to spoil it here) but that almost got me in tears. The ending ending kind of made me mad. It did not end how a drama should! Which I understand they left it open in case they make season 2. Which they better! That’s all I am saying. Haha!

Memories of the Alhambra I must say is in the top dramas I have seen. I recommend it. I will be writing about a couple other dramas I have finished so please keep an eye out for that!

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