Uncharted 3

Hi everyone, been a while since I last updated anything on here. Last time I wrote on here I had just finished Uncharted 2. It’s been a while since I actually finished Uncharted 3. I am still playing another game though on the PS4. I will mention which later.

Uncharted 3 was a great game just like the other two. It just keeps getting better and better. What can I say. All three just blend into one as a great long series. Each one has its own greatness. The story was great as well. That is what I really enjoyed about this series. I know there is a 4th one but I still need to get that one. I have to play a ton of other games before I get any new games.
If ya’ll haven’t played this game I recommend you do so. Also I streamed this gameplay on TWITCH. Not sure if it’s still on there since its been a while and I am currently playing Watch Dogs 2. I might finish that game in a week or 2.
So what is your favorite part of this game? Or which of the first 3 is your favorite? Let me know in a comment!

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