Sabrina Part 1

Sabrina, the Netflix original not to be confused with the 90’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Like probably most from the 90’s saw Sabrina the Teenage Witch a family friendly comedy. However, this Sabrina is the dark twist of it. Not sure if it follows the comics because I have never read them. (I will soon get some to start reading)
Sabrina is raised as dark witch and is the age to become a full witch and attend their school. However she has to leave all her mortal friend behind. Which she does not want to do which appears a conflict for the show. The dark lord really wants Sabrina, which makes things a bit more complicated for her.
Overall the show is awesome, the cast I think is real good. However, making Salem not come out as much or talk is not so good. We all love Salem and want more of him! I read and heard that the actress who plays Sabrina turned out to be allergic to cats which sucks. But hey with technology now days doesn’t hurt adding a cat more often into a scene. Just make them shoot separately. It’s been done before even in lower budget shows.
I also saw the Christmas Special episode which I believe is part of part 1. I still haven’t got to the new episodes. I been watching other shows. Once I am done with season of those I will return to watch the current episodes of Sabrina.
Would I recommend this show? Yes I would if you are into the dark stuff and like Sabrina. However I know some people that love the teenage witch and would love to check this out but do not like dark stuff. To those I might not recommend it. If I do it will have a warning attach to it.

What did ya’ll think about Sabrina’s first part?

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