Coffee, Do Me a Favor

‘Coffee, Do Me a Favor’ a Korean drama. This drama I believe is a Viki Original. (For those of you wondering Viki is a streaming service for asian dramas, mainly Korean. I’ll write about it another time.)

This drama starts Yong Jun-hyung (ex Highlight member), Kim Min-yeong, and Chae Seo-jin. It’s a story about a overweight woman who works for a webtoon creator. She is one of his artist (animation? not sure of the proper positions). She is in love with her boss, however because she is overweight she has a harder time with life because she lacks confidence.

She comes across a cafe where the Barista offers her a coffee that can grant her a wish. She is transformed into this beautiful tall skinny woman, model material. However, when the caffeine leaves her system she turns back to herself. Enjoying how her life is different just by her look changing she decided to go back everyday for more coffee. Of course this ends up causing her problems living a “double” life.

She ends up getting the attention of her boss with her new looks. However it does not go as planned in the long run. There wouldn’t be a drama is everything went smooth.

Overall the drama was good. Cast was good. I really Enjoyed it.

What did you all think about this drama?

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