High School DxD S1

Getting back into watching anime more often. ‘High School DxD’ been a while since I last saw it. Really enjoyed the first season. No I did not only enjoy it because it is uncensored but the story is actually good!

This anime is not only about nudity which I feel like all most people talk about is that. The story, the action, the funny moments is all good. The characters are also good. It does have harem as well. The last fighting scene was awesome. I am looking forward to watching the second season. For those of you wondering, I am watching the series on Hulu. They have the uncensored dub version. I normally like subbed but I started watching this one with someone else and they wanted to watch it dub. They stopped watching it but once I start something a certain way I continue it that way. I’m used to the English voices.

Any fans of High School DxD? Let me know your thoughts.

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