‘W’ k-drama about a webtoon coming to life. Not sure about ya’ll but I see a lot of webtoons mention in drama. Are webtoons big in Korea? If you know please let me know in a comment below.

‘W’ is one of the top dramas on my list. The story just gets you hooked and it was great for binge watching! The cast is also great. The 2 leads are good actors. Eventually I will have to do research on their names to add on to my reviews. I should be doing that already but give me a break. I am still new writing and at the moment I want to focus and get on the routine of posting more frequently. Back to topic.
This drama is about the female leads father being a webtoon creator in which she gets sucked into the webtoon. She gets into the webtoon for several hours to days maybe even months depending on the story of the comic how it goes. But in real life only a few mins have passed. Not even an hour in some cases.
The main character in the webtoon realizes/finds out what he is. Later on he is the one that gets out of the webtoon into real life. Of course what story is good without a villain which in this case is the villain of the webtoon.
This drama like most have its funny moments as well as its romance. The lead female of the drama became an actress bias. She is so beautiful.
Have ya’ll watched ‘W’? If you have please let me know your thoughts on it. If you are a k-drama fan please let me know. Looking to make friends with this interest.

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