I Found You! Oh My Girl

I Found You! Oh My Girl… A reality special? or show? Not sure what exactly the actual term for it is. This I believe it was one of their first. They had 1 extra member from what it is now. The girls are great. The personalities just are great.

In this show they are put to do different games and other task. Separated individually and by groups. This was a fun watch and got to know the members more. Every time I watch a show like this I get to know the group more and get to know which members are on my top list. We shouldn’t do that but hey it seems like everyone has a list for every group.

I love the group in general. Binnie being my bias in this group. I got to know how they are a bit more. After seeing them live on stage I really respect this girls. Very good singers/performers.

I saw this a while ago so my memory isn’t 100% fresh. Although the food they made I do remember it looked so good.

Who’s your bias in Oh My Girl? Leave me a comment.

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