My ID is Gangnam Beauty

  My ID is Gangnam Beauty,  is one of those dramas where I get something out of it that I bring up in my daily life, even while watching other stuff.  For this one, it was the one lyric from the OST “something in your eyes”. Every time there is some look or something, I have to say this line. Haha  Ok enough about that. The drama was good, the cast is great. This I believe was my first drama I saw with Cha Eun-Woo and he is pretty good actor.  Looking forward to seeing more of him.

     The drama did get a little slow at times but that is just because you want to grab some of the characters and smack some sense to them.  The drama of course is about the main female cast being pretty because of plastic surgery that she had done but no one knows.  

     How many of ya’ll are fans of this one?  I really enjoyed this one but not sure if I would put it in my top list.  I should do a top drama list every now and then shouldn’t I?

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