Dream High

 Dream High this was chosen by my niece.  I didn’t know much besides that it is JYP and IU comes out.  You had me at IU this was the first IU drama I watched. Loved her even more.  First thing I saw with her was ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast S1’. Enough about IU lol, this drama is about a group of outcast being put into a school of performing arts.  Their struggles, their dramas.  

     The drama has a great cast, mostly idols as you all know.  From members of 2pm, IU, Suzy, list continues. Alongside the one and only :::Whispers:::  JYP. I found out there is a second season with different cast. I need to check it out hopefully there are some female Idols to look forward too. Haha Overall the drama was fun to watch. It could have been better.

     What are your thoughts on this one?

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